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Our smart toilets have won the recognition of many users and obtained significant certificates. A well-respected reputation in China helps us to extend our businesses overseas.

  • CE Certificate
  • CE Certificate
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate
  • Flame-retardant PP test report
  • Utility model patent for kick-type switch
    The kick-type switch provides seat control and water flushing function, preventing hands from touching the toilet
  • Utility model patent for warm water control system
    The patented variable-frequency heater adjusts the water temperature via variable frequency technology, saving the usage of warm water tank.
  • Utility model patent air isolation technology
    When negative pressure is created in the piping, the air isolation valve ensures the sewage will not flow back into the piping and contaminate domestic water.

Till 2016, Megmeet totally received 378 domestic and foreign patents. The road ahead, we will continuously forge ahead and bring better toilet to our most-valued clients.


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