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OEM&ODM Service
Which kind of projects can we undertake?

We are equipped with a professional R&D team, sophisticated testing system and high-efficiency production line, capable to deliver 700,000 sets of smart toilets to customers every year. So far, we have provided outstanding OEM and ODM service for big companies for many years, such as American Standard, HUIDA, Arrow and so forth. We can design and manufacture the toilet system in accordance with the customer's requirements for material, function, appearance design, components, etc. We hope we can service more sanitary ware brands in the future.

What can we bring to customers?

1. Reliable Products
Each part of our intelligent toilet is developed by ourselves and strictly tested. The quality is proved by famous brands, like American Standard and Kohler.

2. Competitive Price
We are able to control the manufacture cost to the lowest possible degree and give you an attractive offer price, meanwhile, there will be no compromise in quality. Finally, Megmeet and our most-valued clients grow together.

3. Professional Technological Support
Professional employees are designated in each cycle, giving you patient technical support, service and guidance, and making sure you find the most suitable toilet.

4. High Quality Service
For every client, we will assign a worker to contact you regularly and help you resolve difficulties you meet.

Case Study

A famous sanitary ware brand, jointly worked with us to develop a new type of electric toilet in 2015. Because golden was a popular color at that time, the client designed the smart toilet appearance and decided to change the color into golden. Besides, the client also asked us to customize a different filter and do some adjustment to software functions for better usage. Our R&D team worked hard, did many attempts and reached his requirement in a short time. Due to our professional attitude and unrivalled service, we assigned an exclusive sales contract and won high praises in the industry.

If you are interested in our intelligent toilets, smart bidet and service, please do not hesitate to contact us and send an email to this address: SmartLife@megmeet.com

Note: We will check the mail box every day, if you don't receive our reply, your email may not be sent successfully. Please send the email to MegmeetFuture@gmail.com, thank you!


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