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With great emphasis on the importance of technological innovations, IKAHE builds up a professional R&D team, introduces advanced manufacture machines and carries out strict quality standard, to produce superior-quality smart toilets. Every year, we put 10% of sales income into research and development. In turn, the sales of our tankless smart toilets averagely increased by 268% and we realize doubled growth for five successive years.

Till now, we have established four R&D bases in Shenzhen, Zhuzhou, Taizhou and Silicon Valley. The four research and development centers work together to create a global IKAHE R&D system. So far, we have owned more than 500 sales agencies around the world.

Outstanding Technological Designs of Smart Toilets

1. Heating
The 900CC large-flow heating technology provides instant heating, instant power-off, continuous flushing and 100% running water.

2. Air Isolation
When negative pressure is created in the piping, sewage will flow back. By using a pulse valve, the waterway and valve is isolated by air, letting the sewage water not flow back to the piping. Therefore, hygienic domestic water is guaranteed.

3. Kick Type Switch
By kicking this specially designed switch, users can control the water and toilet cover, preventing the hand from touching the toilet directly.

4. Sensitive Buttons
Ergonomically designed, the buttons show quick response, soft touch feeling and convenient use.

5. 2.4G Radio Frequency Remoter
A remoter can only control one set of toilet at a time. The signal reception of remoter will not be affected by space, obstacles and other things, realizing 100% accurate control over the toilet system.

6. Massage Cleansing
The cleansing system is designed with alternating hot and cold water, automatic water pressure adjustment and repeated cleansing, giving you a comfortable and relaxed massage.

7. Medical-Grade UV Sterilization
Implementing medical-grade UV sterilization technology, the toilet system kills various bacteria in an efficient manner and provides a safe and hygienic experience for you and your families.

8. 8 Eight Protection Programs
Integrate 8 protection functions in product, such as Electric Leakage, Pressure Leakage, High Temperature protection and so on.

9. Pulse-Control Radar
The pulse-control radar precisely senses the approaching of humans, automatically flips up and down the cover.

10. Filter
Water quality can be easily controlled by the advanced filter.

Introduction of eight Protection Programs

Electric leakage: When detecting 0.01A leaked electricity, the system will automatically shut down in 0.1s and avoid electric shocks.

Pressure leakage: When the internal water pressure exceeds 0.2MPa, the toilet system automatically discharges pressure to ensure a safe waterway.

Over flow: When testing the flow speed is more than 1200ml/min, the toilet stops water heating to reduce bubbles generated and protect the product.

Low flow: When the water flow speed is less than 350ml/min, the toilet system stops heating to prevent dry heating.

High water temperature: If the water temperature exceeds 43℃, water heating process will be automatically stopped. If 45℃, the water will be directly cut off, ensuring user will not be burned.

Fire prevention: The fuse will automatically break off when the temperature reaches 108℃ to prevent fire disasters.

High room temperature: When the ambient temperature is over 45℃, the heating process will stop to prevent empyrosis.

Seat temperature: When the temperature of the seat exceeds 45℃, the seat warming program will automatically shut down. When over 73℃, the fuse breaks off for protection.

Meet Our Team
    1. Zeng zhaoyuan
      Mr Zeng has 16 years' experience in home appliance and 11 year's experience in smart toilet/bidet. As a director of engineering, Mr Zeng has a passion for smart toilet industry due to it involves a lot of disciplines. He loves this challenge.

    1. Qiu Pengfei
      With 13 years of experience in developing electronic products, Mr. Qiu is good at integrating and optimizing hardware and machine system. He participated in the development of Megmeet new-generation tankless toilet and helped us to provide reliable and secure smart toilets.

    1. Vincent Tong
      Doctor degree of Power Electronics in ZheJiang University, previous global vice president of Emerson Network Power, Dr. Tong has over 27 years working experience in Electronics and Software Control.

    1. Pukin Ling
      With the doctor degree in Mechanical & Management area from Zhejiang University, and over 20 years working experience in intelligent toilet seat industry, Pukin is also the founding member of ITSC (Intelligent Toilet Seat Committee, China).

    1. Yun Gao
      Graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, specialized in electronic industry and medical equipment. Mr. Gao has over 20 years working experiences in the research & marketing and is very visionary in personal care products.


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